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We believe we should work as partners with you in the education of your child

We offer a variety of opportunities for parent participation. We provide effective communication between home and school, education programs for parents and opportunities for parent involvement in school programs. When home and school work closely together, children are able to progress to the best of their abilities. Children are more likely to feel good about school when parents and teachers work together to create an atmosphere in which children can learn, by being involved and interested in their work. If children have parents with a positive attitude to school then they are much more likely to succeed.

Parent Education sessions will be offered to parents during the Foundation Transition Program (while the children are in the classrooms). These sessions are designed to support the work of parents who would like to assist their child at home.

Parent Information/Education sessions will be offered to all parents throughout the year. These evenings are designed to inform parents how Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing are taught and how they can assist their child at home.

A Parenting Program will be offered in Term 2, 2023 where parents will be given the opportunity to discuss parenting styles, behaviour management strategies and the development of confident and resilient children.

A Numeracy Information Night will be offered to all parents in 2023. This evening is designed to inform parents how Numeracy is taught and how they can assist their children at home.

Developing partnerships between home and school to improve student learning is an integral part of Wallarano Primary School’s Program.

How parents can prepare and help their child

  • Talk to your child about starting school where; They will make new friends; play games; sing songs; make things; hear stories, etc

  • Give your child some duties to perform around the house which require 2 or 3 simple directions

  • Attend information sessions provided for parents

  • Once school has started, encourage your child to talk freely about the day’s events, but do not force the issue as Foundation children get very tired by 3:30pm - dismissal time

  • Encourage your child by admiring work brought home and showing interest in the activities he/she has been involved in. Praise good effort. Give paintings and handcraft that your child brings home a place of honour for a few days (at least)

  • Do not put too much pressure on your child to succeed with the formal aspects of school. Remember that Foundation is the preparation for up to 13 years of schooling

  • Enjoy your child’s new adventure of reading by reading with and reading to him/her. Also, let your child read their book to you, talk about the story and tell you about the pictures

  • Remember that children need sufficient rest and sleep. Please put your child to bed early (by 8:00pm), as school can be very tiring on little bodies

  • Develop the practice of looking at or reading a bedtime story

  • The more you know about what is happening at school, the more you will be able to understand what your child is learning, so please make use of the opportunities when they occur.

Parents are very welcome to become involved with their child’s education at school.
There are opportunities to help with:

  • School Council and/or sub committees

  • Excursions

  • Bookcovering

  • Reading

  • Classroom Helpers Program

  • Activity Days

  • Fundraising

  • Bridges Reading Tutor Program

  • Sport

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