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Physical Education and Health Program

The aim of the Wallarano Physical Education Program is to equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond their school days. They are encouraged to do their personal best, based on goals set early in the year. Students in grades Prep - 2 undertake an intensive skill development program, focussing on basic motor skills. Students in Grades 3 - 6, develop skills necessary for a wide range of sporting activities. We encourage students to take up outside sporting interests. We also promote other elements of sport, including umpiring, coaching and equipment management.  Students in these levels take part in an extensive interschool sport program which can lead to District, Division and State competition. Our swimming program takes place in November. Participating students attend daily lessons over a two week period at a local swim school.

Grade 3-6 students have the opportunity to attend camp. It provides an opportunity for children to develop their social skills, leadership, self-esteem and independence. It also builds positive relationships and increases their awareness and knowledge of the environment.

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