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Globally there is a compelling need to develop transferrable learning: how –to-learn capabilities in young people that enable them to thrive and contribute to the ever changing, new and challenging world. To survive in the 21st Century workforce students must have a strong skill base in literacy and numeracy and the ability to communicate and work alongside others as critical thinkers and creators. The Wallarano Challenge is to make a powerful difference to learning by focusing on teachers as learning architects- designing  learning that actively develops the capabilities - motivation, curiosity, engagement and determination – in students. Teachers ensure the curriculum is well balanced in its delivery, emphasising the importance of ‘soft skills’ that research is showing differentiates the outstanding students i.e. work ethic, persistence; resilience; social competencies and working in teams effectively

Wallarano Staff believe they have a responsibility to deliver flexible learning in a technologically rich environment where they and their students do not just learn about technology, they use it to achieve purposeful learning and teaching and improve student learning outcomes. We deliver flexible learning in a technology rich environment by:

  • Developing curriculum teams to design plans for improving learning and teaching and student voice.
  • Guiding and training staff to be digitally competent teachers who:
  • know how technology can improve learning
  • are open to trying new things
  • are digital communicators
  • make sound judgements as to the quality of information, apps and tools
  • understand and respect privacy and student safety practices
  • are committed to developing students into Digital Citizens who know how to behave online appropriately, legally and in a socially responsible way
  • Providing a high focus on educating students and their parents together on how children stay safe online
  • Ensuring students are accessing the curriculum in a variety of ways in school, online, at other schools through video conferencing and through community engagement and projects

All members of the community - students, parents and staff – are nurtured to believe that they are on a worthwhile journey which will lead to a better tomorrow for them and the children, and that they are capable of doing what is required and have the confidence, skills and motivation to do more.

All children at Wallarano Primary School are offered a comprehensive curriculum.

A typical week at school for Prep – 6 students will include:

  1. Two hours of Literacy instruction every day

  2. A daily one-hour Numeracy session

  3. Physical Education

  4. Library/Information and Communication Technology

  5. Visual Arts

  6. Performing Arts

  7. Language - Italian

  8. Studies of Inquiry– Science, Health, History and Geography.

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