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Wallarano Primary School has prepared 'Learning from Home' packs for all Students. 

Digital Download of the packs can be found on the following link which will be continualy update.

Click here to download Learning from Home packs
Please note: the packs will be continually updated as resources are put together by teaching staff.

In addition to these packs, the digital learning online resources that students use whilst at school are also available for students to access whilst at home.

Student Launch Website

Access to online resources provided by Wallarano Primary School can be reached from anywhere easily by going to the Wallarano Launch website.


Selecting ‘Students’ from the launch front page will display some familiar websites such as;

  • Google Drive / Google Classroom / Google Docs
  • Quick Links

Google Suite for Education

GSuite for Education includes a whole ecosystem of online collaboration tools from Google.

Grade 3 - 6 classes utilise Google Classroom, which is a popular tool for sharing files and class work between teachers and students.

Students use their Wallarano Credentials to access GSuite’s range of online tools.

access via the Launch website

SeeSaw Class App

Foundation - Grade 2 classes are utilising the SeeSaw Class App for the delivery of student driven digital portfolios and commuication between students and teachers.

access via the Launch website

Quick Links

Students are already very familiar with what is known at Wallarano as Quick Links. Quick Links is a collection of websites and resources that is used as part of Digital Technologies (DigiTech) at the school.

The website is frequently updated internally by the Digital Technologies Learning Specialist at Wallarano and will contain the latest links and activities that the students can enjoy.

access via the Launch website

Additional Support

If you have any issues with the iPad or learning apps, please contact ictsupport@wallarano-ps.vic.edu.au.

Note: We can only provide support for problems with the Wallarano iPad device or login issues with Wallarano Online Learning apps.
We cannot provide ICT Support for issues with home internet connections, connecting to Wi-Fi or issues with personal devices.

More Information

Download - Parent Information - Remote & Flexible Learning letter.pdf

Download - Digital Learning from Home.pdf

Download - Student iPads at Home Guide.pdf

Download - iPad Agreement.pdf

Download - Application for Student Supervision at School.docx


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