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Collection of FOUNDATION Pupils

It is important that someone they know meets the children at dismissal time, 3:30pm. It is also important that they are collected punctually as young children are often tired and become distressed if kept waiting. If you are running late please phone the office on 9798 1055. It is reassuring to your child to know that someone is on the way. The children will be brought outside the Foundation classroom and dismissed. Your child will remain with an adult until collected by you, or a nominated person.

The ‘Rest Day’, every Wednesday during February, is in the best interest of your child who will get very tired in the first weeks of school, particularly when the weather is hot. On one of these Wednesdays your child will be asked to attend school for an individual interview with his/her classroom teacher. Appointment times for these interviews will be allocated at a later date.

Grade 1-5 Transition

Year Levels 1-5 Transition Program is conducted throughout the second half of the year.
This Program includes:

  • Timetabled sessions in Term 4 for students to mix both formally and informally with teachers in the next level. They attend lessons in the classrooms of the next level and are provided many opportunities for positive relationships and rapport to be established before the transition to future grades

  • On the second last day of Term 4, we have an Orientation session where all children spend 2 hours with their future teacher and classmates

Grade 6-7 Transition

Our main involvement with local secondary colleges includes:

  • Visits to the Secondary Schools – students are involved in secondary school programs and activities based on science, maths and literacy lessons

  • Secondary School teachers visit Wallarano and deliver lessons to the classes

  • Ex-Wallarano students come into the classrooms and talk about their transition from primary to secondary school

  • Grade 6 students participate in a Year 6-7 Transition Program where they learn about secondary school expectations and routines

  • Phone calls and records are exchanged to ensure successful transition

  • Principal Class and/or integration aides take integration students to their new schools a number of times before Orientation Day held in December. In addition, their schools are invited to visit the classroom and also attend the end of year Parent Support Group meeting

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