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Visual Arts Cultural Awareness Curriculum

The Visual Arts Cultural Awareness Curriculum implemented at Wallarano Primary, ensures that our school provides opportunities for each person to celebrate and reflect upon their own and other cultures within the local, national and global community. The Visual Arts environment is committed to creating and maintaining an ethos that ensures equal opportunities for all, and encourages a positive attitude of respect and understanding towards other cultures through the activities listed below. Children gain an understanding of cultural diversity through subtle and unintentional ways; they receive messages about themselves and the way they are seen within the school and society through the creative production of a variety of quality Visual Arts pieces.

The purpose of placing statues of “Buddha” in the Visual Arts room

Statues of the Buddha will be a powerful reminder to our Students, Teachers, Parents and the wider community to persevere to be the best we can in our own lives. The statues will also provide a daily reminder to strive to unlock the best of ourselves each and every day. Many people place their Buddha statues in a meditation room, in the garden or in various places throughout their homes. Our school is a home to all that attend it each day and so the Buddha Statues will be that visual and spiritual reminder of how essential learning in the 21st Century is.

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