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Most children start school between four and a half years and six years of age. Though they might be the same age, we find there is a wide variation in their reactions to school. There is nothing remarkable about this. It simply shows once again, that no two children are alike. 

A child’s natural temperament, their upbringing and life experiences, influence their reaction to school. There are youngsters who are used to being away from home for holidays with grandparents or friends; there are those who have never been separated from their mothers for more than a few hours; there is the ‘only child’ who has spent most of their time with adults; there is the child with several brothers and sisters who is used to playing with their own age group; there is the child who is physically healthy and strong; and there is the child who is less robust. All these children are going to react differently to school in their preparatory year.

It is hoped that parents will encourage their child to look forward to school by reinforcing positive aspects of their new experience.

Helpful things that your child should learn before starting school

  • Being able to say his or her name

  • Being able to recognise his or her name

  • Being responsible for, and able to put away personal belongings

  • Being able to attend to their own toileting

  • Being able to take off and put on jumpers or coats

  • Being able to open and close lunch boxes and drink bottles

  • Being able to unzip, pack and close a school bag

  • Being able to be away from home for periods of time without feeling too anxious

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