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Free Adult English Classes (Postponed until further notice)

Wallarano Primary School provides free classes for non-English speaking parents twice a week. This group meets every Monday and Thursday morning (9:00 – 11:00am) where they learn to speak, read and write English in a real life and purposeful format. Regular students make new friends and become active members of the school community.

Program content is focused on helping these parents develop skills to help them assimilate into the local community and help their children at home with their education. Skills taught include how to fill out forms, read signs, converse in English, visits to the doctors, shopping issues, discuss school issues and activities, etc – all situations that parents with English as their second language may find difficult.

Contact the school office on (03) 9798 1055 if you are interested in joining this group.


Expensive toys and jewellery are best kept for use and enjoyment at home. Our proper care of valuable property is most difficult to ensure. The school accepts no responsibility for such items.


We have part time Vietnamese and Cambodian interpreters, and we are able to access interpreters for other languages for parent teacher meetings.

Road Safety and Children’s Crossings

There are two designated school crossings, one on Wallarano Drive and the other on Buckley Street. Both of these crossings are supervised by uniformed staff employed by the City of Greater Dandenong between 8:15am - 9:15am and 3:00pm - 4:00pm, each school day. These crossings are there for the safety of all, so please remind your children to use them. Parents are also requested to observe all parking regulations around the crossings and to walk with their children at the crossings. Council officers regularly police the parking in Wallarano Drive, Arena Square and Parramatta Cres.

Please observe the school zone speeds.

Please note that for safety reasons for your children, the Staff Car Park is restricted to staff use only. Please also do not block the entrance to the staff car park.

Notifications and Information

Notices and newsletters are sent home to all families. We make every effort to ensure that you receive these – encourage your child to present these promptly. Notices and newsletters are usually given to the oldest child in the family. Newsletters are given out at dismissal time each Thursday and are also placed on the School App.

Please check your child’s bag for notices.

Community Activities

These activities provide opportunities for parents and other members of our local community to meet together socially and participate in various activities, E.g. Literacy and Numeracy week/days, Italian week, Special Family Days; Cultural Harmony Day and Open Night.  Activities do vary from time to time and are therefore advertised in the newsletter and on the School App.


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