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Staff Code Of Conduct

Cooperation and teamwork are paramount at this school

  • We share ideas, workload and resources
  • We participate and contribute ideas to discussion and planning
  • We recognise and acknowledge that we can achieve as a team
  • We value the role of all individuals in our team and respect their right to a point of view
  • We adhere to decisions made by consensus

A professional attitude is valued and expected in all activities at this school

  • We are committed to continual improvement of teaching skills and methods
  • We keep ourselves up to date with contemporary teaching and learning practice and programs
  • We take responsibility for our own professional development
  • We share professional ideas and expertise with our colleagues
  • We are accessible to other staff members to provide support and mentoring

Community Partnerships

  • We actively promote a partnership between children, the school, and the home – all working together to encourage children to reach their full potential
  • We promote a positive image of the school to students, parents and the wider community
  • We contribute to whole-school activities and initiatives as appropriate
  • We are welcoming and receptive towards parents at all times

Each individual is treated with respect and trust

  • We act at all times in a professional and ethical manner
  • We foster a supportive and tolerant environment
  • We value and appreciate the strengths and skills of others
  • We treat all colleagues, students and parents equitably, justly and courteously

We have high but realistic expectations of everyone at this school

  • We teach in the belief that all students have the capacity to learn
  • We strive to develop deep understanding of the strengths, learning styles and capabilities of all our students
  • We actively involve students in challenging and creative learning activities
  • We encourage risk taking, innovation and 21st Century learning initiatives
  • We establish clear expectations and build on the experience and needs of all students
  • We actively support the programs and strategies developed to achieve the goals and priorities of the School Strategic Plan
  • We strive to teach the life skills required for students to become responsible citizens
  • We promote the Thinking Curriculum Initiatives into all aspects of classroom practice
  • We explicitly teach the Five Foundations of learning – Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along with Others and Resilience - and embed them into all classroom practice and parent education

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