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Wallarano Primary School is very proud of the Numeracy program delivered to students. We believe math education is of vital importance and we place major emphasis on its implementation.

Mathematics pervades all aspects of our lives; at home, in the work place and throughout the wider community. It has applications in all human activities, crossing cultural boundaries to provide a universal way of solving problems in many everyday activities.

Children begin school having experience with a variety of mathematical situations. They have a natural drive to make sense of their world and explore relationships and impose order on things around them. The types of learning experiences provided at school can capture this eagerness to learn and build a firm foundation for the years to come.

Wallarano Primary School believes that students need the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning of Numeracy through the use of oral language, concrete materials and recording ideas in ways that make sense to them. The emphasis is on students creating their own understanding of Mathematics by experiencing a range of classroom situations that build and challenge existing concepts.

The strength of this program lies in its essential features:

  • A daily one-hour numeracy block
  • Highly trained and skilled staff
  • Numeracy Coordinator
  • Individual Learning Plans for those children requiring special assistance
  • GRIN [Getting Ready in Numeracy]: is an intervention program intended to provide support for students experiencing difficulty in Mathematics. The GRIN sessions are conducted by trained tutors with small groups of children. The key purpose is for tutors to prepare the students for the upcoming maths lesson by introducing relevant language and key concepts that they will hear during the lesson.
  • Numeracy trained tutors for those students requiring additional assistance
  • Extension Programs for students requiring advanced work

Maths Education in the Early Years: Prep – 2

Experiences at this level use real contexts, manipulative materials; play situations and the language of the child to build concepts and skills. It is of the utmost importance that children develop a firm understanding of whole number and then come to appreciate the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Number work is enhanced and linked to the real world through measurement. Spatial concepts developed in mathematics at this level assist the child to deal with practical needs for making, drawing, visualising and moving around.

Learning mathematics in the Early Years, Prep-2 should be interesting and useful. Children need everyday skills such as telling the time and calculating how long things take, reading simple maps and following spatial directions, measuring using common units, being able to work out simple costs and correct change. Teaching Mathematics will draw on these everyday situations and will, in turn, strengthen the child’s competence.

Maths Education - Grades 3-6

In these years students’ progress beyond the foundations and their numeracy becomes more developed. An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in-depth learning.

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