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Student Well Being and Inclusion

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

The knowledge that emotional intelligence is the key predictor of who will succeed in life motivates teachers at Wallarano to work with children in developing the essential skills of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Self-motivation
  • Awareness of others (Empathy)
  • Handling relationships

The development of social competency, effective self-management and sound values is of great benefit to all students. Teachers help children develop social competency, considerate and reasoned behaviour and a lasting sense of well-being. Of great importance for emotional development and a high level of academic progress is the relationship between teachers and students. Wallarano places a huge priority on developing rapport, building personal relationships and creating a classroom of friendly children. Children learn to their full potential when they are confident, relaxed and have a strong sense of belonging.

Wallarano has a number of programs specifically targeted in these areas. Public Speaking is taught in every grade 6 to give children confidence and skills in communicating effectively in public situations; the Student Leadership Program encourages students to take ownership and responsibility for the direction and running of the school; the M-Power Girls Program teaches girls to deal assertively with the complicated dynamics of female relationships; The Wilson MaCaskill Program ‘Play is the Way’ teaches boys and girls positive strategies to channel their energy and to set positive and achievable goals for themselves; Social and emotional learning is developed by using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language-behaviour education. Skills are taught to help children to understand their behaviour and manage their feelings in a socially acceptable manner.

Wallarano School values are explicitly taught and our students are encouraged to demonstrate the values of:

Respect: recognising and accepting the differences in ability, race, religion and beliefs of others
Learning: developing and acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes
Teamwork: working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all
Honesty: truthfulness and open communication at all times

Wallarano is very focussed on teaching all students how to socially connect with others; how to set achievable personal goals; and to have ownership for the achievement of specific aspirations for themselves.

The ‘Program Achieve’ is an approach to educating children in the development of the basic foundations for success in learning, personal development and resilience. This program aims to help all children achieve to the best of their ability in all areas of their lives E.g. academic, artistic, sporting and technical – To enable children to develop social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing characteristics that will assist them throughout their lives. We do this by teaching children how to develop the basic habits of successful learners and individuals: Resilience, Getting Along With Others, Confidence, Persistence and Organisation.

Children’s success in these areas depends on how they think about certain situations, which in turn determines how they behave and feel. These characteristics are embedded throughout the whole curriculum as well as through specific and explicit lessons.

School-wide Discipline Policy

A whole school discipline policy operates on the basic idea that all children have the right to learn in a safe, stimulating, and harassment free environment. There are sets of discipline rules for each class, each specialist area and for behaviour in the playground. It is important that parents and school staff support each other in the operation of this policy.

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