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Wallarano Primary School puts a major emphasis on student language development. Language is central to all learning and the major means of expressing and elaborating thought. The English program develops skills in Reading and Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening through the implementation of a program that has a carefully balanced and structured approach to the teaching of readers, writers, speakers, and listeners in the primary years of schooling. The strength of the program lies in its essential features:

  • Two hours of Literacy instruction every day
  • Highly trained and skilled staff
  • Strategically planned home/school liaison
  • Whole school commitment
  • Literacy coordinator
  • Two Full time Speech Therapists
  • Students are continually supported, challenged, and monitored to ensure success in all areas
  • Those students who require additional assistance are catered for through a carefully planned ‘pathway’. This includes: identification strategies; establishment of home/school support groups; the planning of appropriate teaching programs; Mini Lit Program, MacLit Program and Bridges One-to-One Reading Program
  • A variety of methods are used to teach the organisation and pronunciation of English
  • An Oral Presentation Skills Program is implemented for students in grade six which promotes confidence and clear articulate speech when presenting to an audience

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