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To build a culture of reflective practice, ambition and achievement through a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

To provide an educational environment that facilitates flexible, innovative, interactive teaching and learning. An environment that is preparing for the future needs of students and fosters positive attitudes towards learning, high expectations, risk taking, collaboration and the total development of each child. A culture that values and respects the strengths, efforts and contributions of all members of the school community and promotes open effective communication and the motivation and inspiration of the school community to play a part.

Wallarano is committed to providing an exemplary approach to personalised learning with the focus being on building the confidence and capacity of the individual learner - empowering students to have:

  • A sense of their own effectiveness and value as a learner - using learning styles, effective learning behaviours, concentration and resilience
  • Personal skills and strategies to enable self-management and direction
  • A repertoire of learning strategies to use in a variety of learning situations
  • Self-management in organising time, workload and projects
  • Confidence and a high acquisition of skills in literacy, oracy and numeracy
  • Developing skills to research, organise and present data
  • The skills to reflect on their learning


Respect: recognising and accepting the differences in ability, race, religion and beliefs of others
Learning: developing and acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes
Teamwork: working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all
Honesty: truthfulness and open communication at all times




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