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Benefits of Regular Attendance for Students

Wallarano Primary School believes regular attendance is necessary to ensure:

  • learning opportunities are maximized

  • the development of skills and attitudes such as self-discipline, punctuality, being organized and acting responsibly

  • children  make friends and learn how to maintain relationships over a period of time

  • the growth of social skills necessary to live and work harmoniously with others  

To enhance student learning, Wallarano actively works towards reducing student absenteeism

  • Data shows that in primary school the highest absenteeism is at the Prep level

  • There is a high correlation between low student attendance and poor performances of students

  • Poor attendance impacts on the student’s capacity to learn in a consistent and sequential manner

  • Students with absence rates in excess of 20 days a year generally perform lower than other students

  • Student absence is not an issue which can be dealt with solely by the school. It requires the support of both parents and community if it is to be successfully addressed

  • Students who are away on extended absences or holidays, especially in the crucial learning years of grade prep to two, often struggle to catch up with their peers

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