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Students at Wallarano Primary School study Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Our comprehensive Auslan program progressively equips students with communication skills and cultural understanding.

Students are introduced to Auslan vocabulary, fingerspelling, handshapes, and facial expressions. They learn to express themselves through basic greetings, answer questions, and participate in classroom routines using Auslan. They develop the confidence to communicate about a wide range of topics. They learn how to use Auslan for storytelling, incorporating mime, gesture, and facial expressions to convey emotions effectively. Students explore sign languages used around the world, and the dialects of Auslan used in Australia.

Deaf culture and community are at the core of our teaching and learning. Students delve into the rich history and social aspects of Auslan. They learn about Deaf culture, protocols, and the importance of accessibility technologies. Students use technology to create bilingual texts such as brochures, stories and videos. In the senior year levels, students develop signing skills by focusing on time markers, sequencing, and audience-appropriate communication. They explore the concept of identity in relation to themselves and the Deaf community. They create projects to advocate for greater inclusivity and awareness of the Deaf community.


Wallarano Primary School's Auslan program fosters not only language skills but also cultural appreciation and a commitment to creating a more inclusive environment.


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