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Student Code Of Conduct

An Educational Rationale for the Management of Student Welfare and Discipline

  • All individuals must be valued and treated with respect
  • Students have a right to work in a secure environment where, without intimidation, bullying or harassment they are able to fully develop their talents, interests and ambitions
  • Parents have the right to expect that their children will be educated in a secure environment in which care, courtesy and respect for the rights of others are encouraged
  • Teachers have a right to expect that they will be able to teach in an orderly and cooperative environment
  • Parents have an obligation to support the school in its efforts to maintain a positive teaching and learning environment
  • The Principal and staff have an obligation to fairly, reasonably and consistently implement the code of conduct

Strategies Which Promote High Standards of Behaviour

  • Staff are responsible for the successful implementation of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Positive rewards and recognition for positive behaviour, actions and attitudes - weekly student acknowledgements presented at school assembly.
  • High expectations that all children will adhere to the standards of behaviour
  • Small group intervention groups for children experiencing difficulties
  • All staff to model appropriate behaviours
  • Setting appropriate and achievable goals
  • Encouraging personal excellence
  • Promoting cooperative group play
  • Promoting cooperative learning groups
  • Developing independence in learning

An Approach Which Ensures Self-Discipline and Responsibility

  • McCaskill Games
  • Discipline Policy
  • Homework Policy

Strategies Which Ensure a Safe and Secure Learning Environment

  • Complying with school rules eg eating, rubbish, boundaries, school uniform
  • Following safety procedures relating to such things as movement around the school, dangerous objects, places and games

Strategies, Which Promote the Valuing of Diversity and Positive Relationships between Students

  • Using appropriate language at all times
  • Relating positively towards others – physical and verbal harassment are unacceptable
  • Caring for school and personal property

Strategies for Recognising and Reinforcing Exemplary Behaviour

  • Weekly acknowledgements at assembly
  • Responsible Behaviour Plan for Student
  • Classroom reward systems – Student of the Day/Week; special responsibilities; stickers, praise and recognition
  • Assembly awards
  • Class reward for positive yard behaviours
  • Principal and Assistant Principal awards and recognition

The Resolution of Discipline Matters at the School Level

Procedures for dealing with inappropriate behaviour are sequential and reflect the severity, or frequency of misdemeanors. These range from warnings and removal to another location, to contact parents, involvement of the Guidance Officer or, in rare cases, exclusion from school in accordance with the DET guidelines.

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