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Wallarano uses the Sentral School Management System to produce student reports in June and December. The reports are designed to give parents a clear picture of their child’s progress against the Victorian Curriculum Standards.

As part of our commitment to 21st Century Learning, Wallarano also implements ongoing reporting. Families are continuously updated on student progress during the year through the regular provision of student work samples and comments via both the Sentral Parent and student portals.

When looking at student scores, it is important for parents to remember that a ‘C’ does not mean a student’s achievement is ‘just adequate’. It indicates that a student has met the state-wide standard expected of students of their age at the time of reporting and their learning is firmly on track.

The student report cards give parents clear information about their child’s strengths and weaknesses. An indication of the child’s progress over the previous twelve months is included, as well goals for the child’s future learning.

Comprehensive assessment, such as that undertaken at Wallarano, provides the teachers with information to produce accurate information on what students know and can do, and to make specific recommendations for their future learning.

At Wallarano, we have a comprehensive Assessment Schedule in place, which includes assessment of, as and for learning. Assessment of learning provides information about what students have learnt in relation to the National Curriculum. Assessment as learning provides feedback and opportunities for student reflection and self-assessment to support future learning. Assessment for learning provides information on student knowledge, skills and behaviours to inform the next stage of learning.

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