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Schools from over Australia visit Wallarano

Parents should be extremely proud of their children!

Yesterday Wallarano hosted 35 Principals and Leading Teachers from Sydney, Canberra, South Australia and Victoria. They arrived at the school at 9.45am and left at 2.00pm. They listened to the leadership team, students and teachers describe the implementation of 21st Century pedagogy, Student Well-being and explicit teaching in Literacy, Numeracy and STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics]. We discussed our future direction to further develop student and teacher knowledge of ‘surface, deep and transferable thinking’ in Literacy and Numeracy. During the session from 11am to 12 noon our visitors were taken on a tour of the school and witnessed teaching and learning in all classrooms. All parents should be extremely proud of their children. Any child that was asked a question or was spoken to responded enthusiastically, politely and with great information. The impression they made on these visitors was immense and many of these educationalists commented on how they were amazed with the calm, orderly but highly engaging environment. The behaviour and confidence of the children almost shocked and surprised them! One school commented that it was overwhelming to even try to comprehend how Wallarano has achieved such an impressive learning environment with so many resources. I was so very proud and thankful to the students, staff and community at Wallarano. As a very famous quote says ‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’ meaning it takes all of the people involved in the life of a child to give their best in doing their part in the raising of a child. This is the key to the concept of Total Education. This is why Wallarano enrols families, not just children.

I would like to make special thanks to the students who presented or toured our visitors: Lily, Christina, Shereen, Lili, Georgia, Ayman and Alex – THEY WERE ALL VERY IMPRESSIVE!

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