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On Thursday 24th May at 6.30pm in the hall, Wallarano Primary School will host Wilson McCaskill for a very special Parent Information Session. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Wilson is the most inspirational and exciting presenter that I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.
This session is not a workshop on parenting and does not give advice on parenting within the home and family setting. It does however illustrate how the Play Is the Way Program works in schools and ways in which parents and carers can support the social and emotional learning of their children.
Staff at Wallarano have implemented the Wilson McCaskill ‘Play is the Way Program’ for a number of years. The children love it but more than that, students have learned the skills and capabilities in: self-awareness; self-management; social awareness and social management.
I recommend this session so highly, and would like as many parents to attend as possible; that all costs will be covered by the school for Wallarano parents and carers. Free babysitting will be provided in the adjoining room to the hall. I know you will find the session interesting, informative and enjoyable.
You can also find further information and view videos titled Practical Parenting in the PARENT section on the website

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