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Newsletter 4th Feb

I am sure everyone has heard about the Coronavirus alert that was sent out late last night. Unfortunately many of the exposure sites linked to the case are in our area of Noble Park, Keysborough and Springvale. At this point there is no need to panic but we must be sensible.

All parent must wear masks and for the time-being parents will NOT be permitted onsite. The children came into school by themselves very well this morning. Thank you to all parents for being so understanding of our snap decision. All is done to ensure the safety of our community especially our children.



  • As from today no parents are allowed onsite and we are returning to Drop Off and Pick Ups.
  • As from today teachers will walk their grades out to the designated areas at 3.25 pm.
  • Older children will be sent to their youngest brother or sister’s grade and they will all be picked up at the designated point for the youngest child.
  • Parents are asked to not get out of their car and teachers will assist children to get to your car.
  • Families with multiple children at different grade levels choose the entry for the youngest member of the family for all children to walk into school. They do no need to go to separate gates.
  • Tomorrow morning children are to be dropped off at school.
  • Students will be sent to the playground not into the classrooms and will line up when the bell goes – as usual.

VIP: School gates will not be open until 8.30am.

  • Parents please ensure that your children do not arrive at school before 8.30am and that you pick them up between 3.30pm and 3.45pm. If this is difficult the school provides a wonderful ‘Before and After School Care Program’ where the children are feed and given activities. Information can be obtained from the school website or a form can be picked up from the office.  and phone number 97981055.
  •  We look forward to your cooperation.

Text Box: Ideally, we would like parents to stay in line and drive their car to the designated parking areas and the teachers will supervise.  Please try and enter the street on the side that the drop-off or pick-up is occurring. In the morning it would help greatly if the children have their bags in the car and on the side of they are getting out of the car- preferably on the pavement side. Refer to Map

Warning from the Greater City Dandenong Council: Please take notice of the No Parking signs in Buckley Street, Wallarano Drive and Arena Square [especially in front of the cricket nets on inside the Club Noble area.]




Morning Drop Off

Location (Pickup from 3:30-3:45)


Rms 6,7,8 33 & 34


Wallarano Drive School Side

Cultural Mural and Gum Nut Garden

Grade 1


Arena Square

Grade 2


Buckley St – school side - oval

Grade 3


Wallarano Drive – Church side

Grade 4


Parramatta Crescent- at the back of the school

Grade 5


Wallarano Drive – Church side

Grade 6


Buckley St - school side - oval

Let’s hope all these plans work!

iPads to Go Home Today – Just in Case!

  • All children are to take home their iPads today with the charger – just as a precaution – No Panic.
  • Talk to your child about their responsibility to care for it and to bring it back to school in the morning.
  • We will also be sending them home on Friday [if there is going to be a lockdown it is sure to happen late Sunday!]
  • Please don’t panic. At this stage there is no talk of a lockdown – we are just taking precautions.


We Are Always Better Together!

Gail Doney


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