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The Bushwahzee is a Christmas celebration night full of Christmas songs and is a happy variation on the
usual Carols night held at Wallarano at the end of each year. It gives the children and parents a chance to
dress up in the traditional Christmas costumes of crimson, green and white, Christmas hats and reindeer
antlers etc. During the school day on the 14th December children work with members of the band to learn
and rehearse the following:
Busking and singing "We Wish You A Happy Christmas, Aussie Jingle Bells (Dashing Through the Bush In
A Rusty Holden Ute), John Lennon's "And So This Is Christmas", The Jingle Bell Waltz and bush dances
that reflect Christmas themes. In the evening there will be a Family picnic on the oval, between 5.00-6.00pm,
followed by performances in the hall and many invitations for parents to join in the bush dances with their
children. Last time we had this night a few people thought it was an attempt to be rid of Christmas
celebrations but those who came found it to be one of the most enjoyable nights the school has hosted. I
warmly welcome and encourage everyone to come along and enjoy the music and each other’s company.

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