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Wallarano Primary School starts at 8.55am Thursday 28th January for Grades 1-6.

Foundation students have an interview with their teacher on Thursday and must come at the designated time. They will all start school on Friday with all Foundation students lining up in the Gum-Nut Garden at the front of the school at 8.55am We are so excited to see everyone! 

Parents will be permitted onsite for the first two days – Thursday and Friday – but are only to stay onsite for no more than 15 minutes. Future arrangements for the rest of the term will have to comply with the Education Department Guidelines. Parents will be notified of these future arrangements as soon as we are informed.

Parking: parents please be aware of the parking signs if you are coming into the school. The Council Parking Officers could very well be outside before and after school.


Looking forward to a GREAT YEAR!

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